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Focal – Trio11 Be 10″ 3-Way Nearfield/Midfield Active Studio Monitor (EACH)


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The Focal Trio11 Be is a 10″ 3-way nearfield/midfield monitor offering flexible room positioning and the versatility of two monitors in a single enclosure, making it ideal for producers, composers, and audio engineers in music- and post-production applications. The Trio11 combines Focal’s famous 1″ inverted beryllium dome tweeter, a 5″ composite sandwich cone woofer, and a 10″ composite sandwich cone subwoofer in an MDF and veneer cabinet that features specially designed ports for the 10″ subwoofer and 5″ woofer. To allow both vertical and horizontal orientations, the tweeter and 5″ woofer are mounted to an aluminum plate capable of rotating up to 360° in 90° increments.

Selectable via a standard 1/4″ footswitch (available separately) is Focal’s FOCUS mode, which toggles the monitor between 3-way and 2-way configurations for easy auditioning of mix translation. In 3-way mode, the Trio11 delivers a frequency response of 30 Hz to 40 kHz, while 2-way mode, it yields a frequency response of 90 Hz to 20 kHz. With 550W of total power from a Class A/B amplifier (for the tweeter) and two Class G amplifiers for the woofer and subwoofer, the Trio11 can produce a maximum peak SPL of 118 dB peak output in 3-way mode. Rear-panel controls are provided for input sensitivity selection, auto standby, and a 3-band equalizer.



3-way to 2-way FOCUS switchover via footswitch (available separately) enables simple assessment of how mixes translate to compact speaker systems
Pure beryllium inverted dome tweeter yields low directivity with enhanced linearity and dynamics
W composite sandwich cone on woofer and subwoofer offers neutral sound and no distortion
Silent blocks optimize decoupling of the midrange speaker
Balanced XLR input adaptable to +4 dBU or -10 dBV sensitivity
35 to 250 Hz low-frequency shelving filter, 4.5 to 40 kHz high-frequency shelving filter, and 160 Hz low-mid peaking EQ
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